Tracy Salka, along with Melissa Yourich, co-founded Luscious Purr in 2009. Together, with their shared passion for making music, they are the perfect songwriting team. Currently LP released a 5 song EP but continues to work in the studio to release more songs, but god only knows when they will be finished. The duo group practices weekly to prepare for gigs, concerts and more...


Tracy Salka Lead Vocals


Originally from Meriden, Connecticut, Luscious Purr lead singer Tracy Salka wrote her first song at age eleven as a gift for her English teacher. After moving to the South, Tracy was involved in a variety of local projects, most notably Ellylamb and Tracy and the Blades. In the mid-nineties, Tracy began a fifteen-year hiatus from the local music scene to earn a graduate degree and concentrate on her family and her career as an English teacher at Boonsboro High School. Relatively recently, she returned to the local music scene as a singer/songwriter.


Tracy’s musical influences include Siouxsie and the Banshees, Patti Smith, Aretha Franklin, Ani DiFranco, and Jack White.



Mel Yourich -

Vocals & Guitar rhythm


Guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Melissa "Mel" Yourich began her music career somewhat recently. She initially began to play drums, but became more interested in playing guitar so she could write music. Her passion for writing, and playing music outweighs almost everything else in her life. Mels musical influences include Tom Petty, The Beatles, The Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, Jack White, and Amy Ray to name a few. Mel continues to explore her potential by learning to play different instruments, writing songs, recording, and mixing music at Girlfriend Studios (owner/co-operator).






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